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Mothers Day

Mothers day is a weird day for me. I'm so thankful for my boys but I think about my little one that I never got to hold in my arms. I...

I See You

To the mom with the chronic illness I see you I see you struggle to get through the day I see you fake a smile so that others don't ask a...


This past month has been a complete dream. I know a lot of people dont like small towns or everyone knowing everyone's business but I...

Healing Process

I am a member and an Ambassador for the Endometriosis Association so we get emails from them about things we can do to raise awareness. ...

My Why... My Nieces

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I decided to start advocating and helping others with endo. I've also been asked a lot , "Why...

My Story

I have been suffering with endometriosis for over 20 years. My journey began when I was 15 and in so much pain and I had absolutely no...

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