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Mothers Day

Mothers day is a weird day for me. I'm so thankful for my boys but I think about my little one that I never got to hold in my arms. I think about everything we went through to get our beautiful boys and I cant ever stop thinking about all those women who long to be a mom and who experience heartache after heartache. I think about the women who have children that don't deserve them. I will never understand how God gives those women babies but not the ones who would love and care for them as they should.

Being a mom is the greatest gift I could ever have been given in this life and I try not to take any second for granted. There are days I get frustrated and worn out and I want to go hide in a closet. I feel guilty when I feel that way because I think about all those women that I sat with in the waiting rooms at Shady Grove and so many more that I never had the chance to meet.

I am only human and I get those feelings but I hope my boys always know how much their wanted and loved not just by me but by all of the amazing women in their life. I look forward to the day I can hold my little angel and I pray they know how much he or she is loved.

Please remember to hug your kids a little tighter and a little longer not just today but everyday. There are so many woman who have lost children or are completely unable to even get pregnant. This day is hard for them. Be there, listen and support them as they try and figure out how to get through this day.

Happy Mothers Day!!

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