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Surgery, Number.. I lost Count

As I sit here and reflect on this next step to hopefully feeling better at least for a little bit.

I wish things didn't have to be this way. I wish there were a miracle cure, which there isn't.

I wish there were earlier diagnosis from skilled and educated professionals.

I wish that no women would have to endure so many medical procedures or "trials" to cure endometriosis. (There IS NO cure)

I wish we didn't have to cancel plans or lay in bed all day.

I wish I could be a normal mom and wife.

I wish our friends and family didn't have to feel helpless and confused.


I will keep speaking up, asking questions and pushing doctors to educate themselves and others.

I will keep sharing my personal story and information in the hopes it helps just one person.

Endo may play a huge part in my life but I refuse to let it win.

I WILL NOT go down without a fight and I won't stop until the medical community starts listening.

I will not allow my neices to face what I and so many have.

We are Warriors and we will take Endo down together. 💛💛

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