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I See You

To the mom with the chronic illness I see you

I see you struggle to get through the day

I see you fake a smile so that others don't ask a million questions

I see the look in your eyes how you are so exhausted but must keep going.

I see how you would give anything to be able to be a 100% all the time mom

I see how you would give anything to be able to be a 100% all the time wife.

I see how guilty you feel for not being able to complete a simple task

I see you pushing through pain and exhaustion to "just one more time mom"

I see you pushing yourself out of bed to go to work

I see you hiding your tears of pain and disappointment

But I also see

A Warrior

A Fighter

A mom who would do anything for her kids

A wife who would do anything for her husband

A friend who will push herself to events even when she doesn't feel like she can move

An aunt who will do anything to protect her "babies"

I see you pushing through each day because I know I have to push through each day. Some days are worse than others. Having an invisible chronic illness is not easy. You are not alone. If you need a day to rest then take it. If you need 10 minutes to cry, take it.

There are no guidelines on how to be a mom, sister, friend, aunt, granddaughter. Each of us is different and on the days we feel we are not enough we need support. I would love to wake up everyday in no pain and able to accomplish everything I could 20 years ago but that is not possible. My husband gets upset because I continuously push myself but I tell him id give anything to be normal. To not be exhausted after cleaning the house and not be exhausted after running around after a toddler for a few hours straight. Unfortunetly this was the hand I was dealt and I must figure out ways to accept it and only do what I can accomplish.

I see you and you are not alone.

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